Ghost Story: curated by Blair Swann, Xpace Cultural Centre

October 28 - December 3, 2016

Ghost Story: curated by Blair Swann

Xpace Cultural Centre

featuring: Anna Eyler, Laura Findlay, Mickey Mackenna, Sarah Sands Phillips, Angie Quick, Stanzie Tooth

opening reception Friday, October 28, 7 - 10pm

image by Laura Findlay

The figure, the home, the messenger, the memory, the actual, the virtual. Ghost Story is a group exhibition that explores the idea ghosts and ghost stories and what they mean within contemporary culture, engaging with them in ways both critically inquisitive and poetically personal. The work in the exhibition looks at questions such as: Where does the ghost story fit within our contemporary ideas of history? How can we think of different kinds of ghosts in the context of physical, digital, or internet media? and How do ghosts function as metaphors that can point towards discussions of other topics, such as duality, identity, space, atemporality, trauma, and subjectivity?

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