The blue form folds in two.

collaborative installation with Jessica Groome
site specific response to studio at Institut für Alles Mögliche: Kanzlei
Berlin, Germany, March 2016

The blue form folds in two. It hovers then sits. Silence punctuated by the muffled sounds of a phone call.

Through the studio window a blue haze reduces the outside world to blobs, outlines and profiles. Blue is the colour of obscurity: the shadow, the cut-out, the contour and the silhouette. This project began with a simple gesture - of mimicking the outline of a passing figure through a fogged window. Once captured, the outline became an independent being, an object of loneliness. Alone, the form was a presence and a personality. It demanded a conversation.

What does it mean to share a gesture of loneliness? Jessica Groome and Stanzie Tooth became friends by the act of sharing a solitary expression. From the initial observation of the form, a conversation began around this threshold experience and the act of solitary art making.

The strength of this partnership is in its difference, with each artist approaching from either side of the quivering line between representation and abstraction. The installation developed via a call and response, utilizing positive and negative forms (and the space between) to create an undulating and active display. Figures are lost and found within the movement of shapes and lines. Their impressions are depicted with immediate gestures containing the spontaneity and intimacy of a point in time. Through shifts in scale and material play, the boundaries between body and space are re-imagined: responding to the conditions of solitude, inspiration and the studio.

Stanzie Tooth & Jessica Groome

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